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Worlaby House Farm Planning Application 2018/440 will be discussed at the NLC Planning Committee Meeting on June 5th at 2pm at Church Square House - below is a link where you will find the agenda and documentation from 28th May.


If you would like to represent your parish and speak please contact the Clerk or the Chairman for further details.  

Application 2018/401 located down Carr Lane has been withdrawn. 



A Big Sing - 2nd June 

Best Kept Village 2019  

Next Council Meeting - 11th June at 7pm

Police Drop In 10th June 


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Worlaby is a village in the beautiful western Wolds of North Lincolnshire. The Parish Council maintains this website to allow citizens greater visibility of, and opportunity to get involved in, the many projects affecting the village. Please contact the Clerk if you require information adding to the website.

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About the village - Worlabys' name is defined as 'Wulfric's farmstead or village'. Since 1086 when it was known as Uluricebi or Vluricebi in the Doomsday Book it has also been spelt as Wulfrikeby, Wolrickby and Werliby.

The place - Worlaby is a small village located on the western edge of the Wolds near Brigg. The parish church of St Clement was rebuilt in the 1870s by W Scott Champion but its tower dates to the eleventh century. There are also two chapels; the Wesleyn dates from 1858 and the Primitive Methodist from before 1856.

Close to the church is an almshouse known as Worlaby Hospital. Built in 1663 by Lord Belasyse as, it is thought, a thanks offering for his life being spared during the Civil war when as a Royalist he was imprisoned in the Tower.

Legend has it that there was once a teetotal squire of Worlaby that would not allow an inn in the village. Farmworkers were not to be stopped though from the occasional tipple, and brewed their own beer. They stored it in a well and when they wanted a drink they just went down the well.

Information taken from North Lincolnshire Council's Local History.

Views of Worlaby and some Local Landmarks from the Air