Multi Use Games Area (MUGA)
A valuable asset for our village for the use of everyone. Booking system

Booking Tennis

Anyone wanting to play tennis can obtain a key for the garage to access the tennis nets for a refundable deposit of £5. The key can be retained by the hirer until they no longer need it. Contact Susan Porter.

Here are the guidelines for the use of the MUGA.

Rules and Code of Conduct

We want everyone of all ages, to be able to enjoy using the Games Area. We are incredibly lucky to have this facility, it is open to all and unlocked. There will be a diarised weekly booking slot for users which will be displayed on the notice board near to the MUGA entrance. We do ask if you are using the facilities you are required to vacate if a timed slot comes up. We ask you to help us look after the MUGA so that everyone can continue to enjoy using it for years to come.

  1. All members and Club Leaders must sign the Rules and Code of Conduct prior to hire of the pitch. Parents/Guardians of under 16's must sign on their behalf.
  2. Bookings (per session) are for 55 minutes finishing 5 minutes before the hour.
  3. The Club Leader/parent/guardian is responsible for the conduct of his/her members or players and must ensure proper use of the facility by all users.
  4. Players will not intentionally damage the Games Area in any way.
  5. No form of vehicle, bicycle, roller skates etc. is allowed on the facility.
  6. It is the responsibility of all players to ensure that they are equipped with soft shoes (trainers, tennis shoes or plimsolls, no black soles) for playing on the artificial surface. Footwear must be clean prior to entering the Games Area.
  7. Spectators are requested to also wear appropriate footwear if entering the Games Area.
  8. Boots with steel studs and/or blades are strictly prohibited.
  9. Food and chewing gum are strictly prohibited on the Games Area. Drinks may only be used in personal, re-usable plastic sports water bottles. Strictly no glass to be brought onto the Games Area.
  10. The Games Area is a no smoking area.
  11. Dogs or animals are not allowed in the Games Area.
  12. Please remove all litter when leaving and place in the bin provided.
  13. Anyone using the Games Area or surrounding areas do so at their own risk, liability will not be accepted for personal injury or the loss or damage of valuables.
  14. It is strictly forbidden to sub-let the facility.
  15. The MUGA may be closed at the discretion of the Committee and for maintenance.